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It is always an aspiration of many aquarists to scale up from a 10-gallon to a 20-gallon aquarium; more space means more fish and a chance to create a new environment. A 20-gallon tank needs a new stand that is able to support the weight of the larger and consequently heavier tank. And if your tank is a high one (24 inches long), here is a selection of the best 20-gallon aquarium stands currently on the market to choose from.

Best 24-inch stands for 20-gallon fish tanks

Model Our rating Dimensions For tanks Material Color
Imagitarium Newport Wooden 20-Gallon Tank Stand editor's ratingImagitarium Newport Wooden 20-Gallon Tank Stand #ad 24.75″L x 12.75″W x 30.25″H 20-gallon solid wood black
Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand 20 by 10-inch editor's ratingAqueon Forge Aquarium Stand 24 by 12-inch #ad 24″L x 12″W x 28.25″H 20-gallon Steel black
editor's ratingAmeriwood Home Flipper 10/20 Gallon Aquarium Stand #ad 25″L x 15.7″W x 28″H 20-gallon MDF wood Rustic Oak
editor's ratingAmeriwood Home Flipper 10/20 Gallon Aquarium Stand #ad 25″L x 15.7″W x 28″H 20-gallon MDF wood Black Oak
Aquatic Fundamentals 20-gallon Metal Aquarium Stand editor's ratingAquatic Fundamentals 20-gallon Metal Aquarium Stand #ad 24.3″L x 12.5″W x 27.8″H 20-gallon Steel Black
editor's ratingAquatic Fundamentals 20-gallon Metal Aquarium Stand #ad 24.3″L x 12.5″W x 27.8″H 20-gallon Steel gray
Flipper Wildwood 20 Gallon Aquarium Stand editor's ratingFlipper Wildwood 20 Gallon Aquarium Stand #ad 27.5″L x 15.4″W x 30″H 20-gallon MDF wood Rustic Gray
Caitec Bird Toys TitanEze Double Aquarium Stand editor's ratingCaitec Bird Toys TitanEze Double Aquarium Stand #ad 26.5″L x 13″W x 31″H 20-gallon Steel black

20-gallon aquarium stand reviews

Imagitarium Newport Wooden 20-Gallon Tank Stand

A classic wooden shelf setup, this stand encompasses all needs. Its sturdy construction will support your tank easily, if a tall 20-gallon, while the design itself will fit in any setting. The shelves are a great storage space for any fish equipment and home decorations.

The open back means no plug sockets are obstructed giving more options for this stand’s location. This also removes the issue of wires for the filters etc. becoming hazardous stretched across to the nearest plug. All these assets combined with easy-to-follow instructions create a very worthwhile stand.

Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand

If not ready to get rid of your old 10-gallon aquarium this allows both it and your new 20-gallon to live in harmony. The top shelf will support the larger tank while the second the smaller. If no previous tank this bottom shelf works well to support any equipment or home accents.

Reversible wooden panels add a subtle flair giving this stand a unique edge enhanced by the contrasting metalwork. Alongside style, it also manifests convenience with no back paneling for plug socket accessibility.

Ameriwood Home Flipper 10/20 Gallon Aquarium Stand

This stand can be used for either a 10- or 20-gallon tank with the ability to flip between two bases. The cupboard feature provides a discrete place to keep your fish-related products, uncluttered and out the way, maintaining a stylish aesthetic with the shelves on either side being a great way to show off any home décor.

Being made from wood veneer laminated particleboard with metal hardware accents it is built to be sturdy and last for years. It pairs well with the wildwood fireplace TV stand, enabling coordination in your living room rarely so specifically doable with an aquarium stand.

The stand does require assembly upon opening, arriving flat to your door for easy delivery.

Aquatic Fundamentals 20-gallon Metal Aquarium Stand

You may be looking for something with a bit more flair and uniqueness to add to your home. If so this metal stand is just for you. With stylistic metal swirls along with arching leg supports, it has an elegance not always seen in aquarium stands.

The metalwork has the added benefit of a moisture-resistant finish for long-lasting durability. There is therefore no need to worry about any water spills rusting the stand.

Caitec Bird Toys TitanEze Double Aquarium Stand

Being two-tiered this stand can accommodate two aquariums, saving on valuable floor space, so no need to rid yourself of your past 10-gallon or to not indulge in two 20-gallon tanks! It can be up and ready to use in minutes with no tools required for assembly.

Its sleek design will make it fit anywhere in the home, and in the office if wanting to add some flair to your space of work. As it is a metal stand it comes with double-wall construction and a powder-coated finish to resist rust and water damage.

Take note that to properly support the tank it must be a 20-gallon long! If placing anything smaller a board should be placed along the shelf to reinforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a 20-gallon aquarium need a stand?

The big question is whether you actually need a stand for a 20-gallon, or can you just use any readily available furniture. With a 10-gallon this is just about possible if the furniture in question is strong and sturdy, capable of holding 100Ibs with ease. A 20-gallon is another story entirely.

How much does a 20-gallon aquarium weigh?

When filled to capacity with water and all the assorted decorations and substrate a 20-gallon tank weighs over double that of a 10-gallon at 225Ibs. If having owned a 10-gallon that was easily supported by a cabinet or TV stand, you can’t assume these furnishing will likewise support a tank twice the weight.

Can I put a 20-gallon fish tank on a desk?

Desks are a popular idea to support a tank, as it is a very common-place item of furniture, removing the need to fork out money for a stand. Yet as previously discussed it can only be appropriate if it can uphold over 200Ibs. This is very unlikely and so too much of a risk to try with your 20-gallon.

What to put under your aquarium stand?

It is very important to make sure that the stand itself is properly stable especially if the floor isn’t completely level. On top of this, you don’t want your stand scuffing any hardwood floors or water spills damaging carpets. A waterproof mat will help prevent water from soaking into either wood or carpet, allowing for easy clean-up.

Putting something under the aquarium itself on top of the stand may also be a good consideration. A padded aquarium mat will protect the stand, or any furniture being used while keeping the tank balanced and preventing it from slipping on the stand surface. If a rimless or glass-bottom tank a mat is a must.

How to level aquarium stand?

It is integral for the stand to be level. Any listing will shift water pressure to one side, which over time can lead to possible leaking or at the most extreme breakage.

Set the stand in its desired location and check the top and sides with a level. Lightly shake and rock the stand to note how solid it feels. You can even put the empty aquarium on top while doing so to see if there is any movement.

If the stand is not level the best way to solve this is by using shims. A shim is a tapered wedge used for making slight adjustments to home elements such as door frames and windows to make them level.

The most common are wood and are useful for interior adjustments. Plastic shims may be of further use in aquaria due to the advantage of being water and rot-resistant.

First, determine which side needs to be raised then insert the small end of the shim between the stand and the floor. Use a rubber mallet to beat the shim in further, the deeper it goes the wider the shim and the more it will lift the stand. Once in place lift the exposed end of the shim to snap it leaving one end under the stand.

If one shim is not thick enough for the required adjustment, add another next to the first one facing the opposite way. Once level driving a nail or screw through the shims into the frame will increase security.

How to reinforce an aquarium stand?

If made of wood look at how the top is secured onto the legs. Have the legs notched if they are connected by screws to make the top more secure. If metal and connected by screws, having it welded will provide better structural strength.

Adding a few supports to the frame itself will reinforce a wooden stand. A couple of 2 by 4s that are spaced evenly from the sides going front to back. Further support can be added to the middle of the front and back portions of the frame aligning with the outer edges.

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