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Just like any other aquarium fish, Bettas need light to stay healthy. Besides, Bettas are in demand because of their beautiful finnage and coloration. How could one appreciate their beauty without proper aquarium lighting? This is where the importance of getting a good aquarium light comes in.

[Comparison table] Betta fish tank LED lights

Model Our rating Ideal for For tanks LEDs Modes Wattage
Nicrew Classic LED G2 editor's ratingNicrew Classic LED G2 #ad fish, most plant types 12-18 inches 60 white & 12 blue inline on/off timer, day/night 11 watts
Nicrew LED Aquarium Light with in-line timer editor's ratingNicrew LED Aquarium Light with in-line timer #ad fish, plants 12-18 inches 36 white, 8 blue, 4 red inline timer with sunrise/sunset 9 watts
MingDak 24/7 Submersible Aquarium Light editor's ratingMingDak 24/7 Submersible Aquarium Light #ad Betta fish, most plant types 9-12″ 18 pcs, full spectrum on/off timer, 2 day modes (with/without blue) & 1 night 4 watts
Hygger 24/7 clip on aquarium LED light editor's ratingHygger 24/7 clip on aquarium LED light #ad high light plants 2.5-10 Gal, densely planted Betta tanks 32 White + 12 Blue + 7 Red + 3 Green + 14 RGB multi colors, on/off timer, 24/7 timer 14 watts
Innovate Flexible LED lamp with magnet fixing editor's ratingInnovate Flexible LED lamp with magnet fixing #ad Betta fish-only, several low light plants bowls, nano cylinder Betta tanks, up to 5 gallons cool white LEDs 6500K white 1 watt
LED light with bamboo board editor's ratingLED light with bamboo board #ad Betta fish, aquarium plants, potted plants, succulents bowls, specially-shaped Betta tanks under 9 gallons white LEDs 6000K white daylight, dimmable 5 watts (7/9W available)
Finnex Stingray LED Clip Light editor's ratingFinnex Stingray LED Clip Light #ad fish-only, Bettas, shrimp, low light plants 2.5-5 gallons 12 white 7000K, 3 red, and 3 actinic blue day, night, off 4 watts.
Finnex FugeRay Planted+ clip light editor's ratingFinnex FugeRay Planted+ clip light #ad nano planted with low to medium light plants up to 10 gallons daylight, 660nm red and blue Day/night 5 watts
COODIA Aquarium Hood Lighting editor's ratingCOODIA Aquarium Hood Lighting #ad Betta fish, other tropical fish, shrimp, low light plants 12-19.5 inches White + RGB remote control, multi colors 6 watts

How to choose aquarium light for Betta fish?

male-betta-fishBetta fish in a low-tech planted tank

The first thing you should consider is a light that mimics the light/dark cycle of the sun, which has a huge impact on the circadian rhythm and sleeping habits of your fish. Most aquarium light products with timers can be programmed so that the intensity and color of the light adjust automatically to mimic the pattern of the sun.

If you are keeping your Betta fish in a planted tank, your main aim should be to find an aquarium plant light that will first and foremost promote the health of your aquarium plants.

How bright your light should be will largely depend on the size of your tank, and whether you have a planted tank or not. Plants like Anubias, ferns, and crypts don’t require high-intensity lighting. On the other hand, you should get medium to high-intensity lighting if you keep stem plants and demanding carpeting plants.

Bettas are not very picky when it comes to aquarium lighting. If you have lighting that can keep your plants happy, it should be enough for your Betta fish too. That said, there is no point in getting a too-bright light when you have a bare tank with only one Betta fish.

The size and shape of your fish tank is another factor you should consider. If you’re keeping your Betta in a specially-shaped tank or bowl, then you should stay away from a mounting fixture and opt for a lamp with a stand instead.

How large your aquarium is will also determine what type of light you should get for your Betta fish. There are aquarium lights designed only for tanks 5 gallons and below, and there are models that can accommodate aquariums as large as 60 gallons.

Best LED lights for Betta fish tanks

Nicrew Classic LED G2 Blue and White

Betta fish thrive when kept in tanks between 2.5 to 10 gallons in capacity. In this case, you will need a proper aquarium light to keep your Betta and aquarium plants healthy. The Nicrew Classic LED G2 Blue and White should be an excellent choice as it’s designed for small tanks from 12 to 18 inches long and for plants that are not too demanding when it comes to lighting requirements.

This particular model comes with 60 white and 12 blue LED bulbs that put out a PAR peak of 56 at 12-inch depth, just enough to help most types of plants to flourish.

Timer controllerTimer controller #ad

The Nicrew Classic LED G2 comes with a wired controller, which enables you to turn the lights on or off and dim the white and blue LEDs simultaneously or independently. Meanwhile, the ‘M’ button lets you switch between three lighting modes and off. Mode 1 will keep all the lights on, Mode 2 will only turn on the white LEDs, and Mode 3 will only turn on the blue LEDs.

Through the inline controller, you can also choose from three timer options, whether you want the light on for 8 hours, 10 hours, or 12 hours. 8 to 12 hours of lighting a day is the ideal amount of lighting you’ll need to keep your Betta fish and plants happy.

Versatile and durable, this light comes with an extendable bracket and can accommodate tanks up to 18 inches in length.

Nicrew full-spectrum planted LED with in-line timer

The Nicrew Full-Spectrum features a total of 48 LED bulbs and provides a PAR peak of 50 at 12-inch depth. It is perfect for either planted or fish-only freshwater aquariums.

Timer controllerTimer controller #ad

Featuring an inline controller, this model lets you adjust the intensity of the blue and white channels simultaneously or independently. The timer controller also allows you to set the working time of the light for automatic control without manually turning it on/off with your hands. Moreover, the simple but very intelligent timer is able to simulate sunrise/sunset effects which gently increase and dim the brightness at the start and end times to not startle your Betta fish.

The brackets of this aquarium light are also adjustable and can accommodate tanks up to 60 inches long but not less than 48 inches in length. If you’re looking for a new aquarium light that offers value for your money, this one should be a great choice.

MingDak 24/7 Submersible Aquarium Light

The MingDak 24/7 Submersible Aquarium Light is a good choice if you’re keeping your Betta fish in a small planted tank. Being a submersible light, this product will increase the aesthetic value of your fish tank, providing a great lighting ambiance from inside the aquarium.

This is a full-spectrum aquarium light that meets the lighting requirements of a wide range of aquarium plants. In addition to the ultra-bright white and 460nm blue LED bulbs, it also features true 660nm red LEDs, which are among the best colors of light to stimulate plant growth. Not only that, but this combination of LED colors also helps enhance your Betta’s colors.

One of the main features of the MingDak submersible light is its inline timer controller that lets you choose from 3 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours to leave your aquarium light on. Just click the timer button on the inline controller and choose which lighting duration you prefer, and the light will automatically turn on and off to provide a natural day and night cycle for your tank.

This aquarium light also lets you choose from three light modes. With the click of a button, you can turn all the lights on, choose the white and red lights only, or just the blue light alone. Moreover, this model lets you choose from 5 levels of intensities. Pressing the plus-minus button on the controller will adjust the brightness of the light between 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

As a submersible light, this model is easy to install. It comes with strong suction cups that let you attach it securely to the glass. You can also place it under the hood if your aquarium comes with one. Finally, this product is made of IP68 water-resistant material, which means it’s durable and will last a long time inside your fish tank.

Hygger 24/7 clip-on aquarium LED light

Bettas are beautiful fish, but you will need the right aquarium light to see their true colors. That’s where the Hygger 24/7 Aquarium LED light comes in. This full-spectrum aquarium light features five rows of 68 high-quality LED chips. The combination of 5050 and 2835 LED chips provides super-bright illumination that allows the beautiful colors of your Betta fish to come out.

24/7 automatic light cycle24/7 automatic light cycle #ad

6/10/12-hour on/off timer6/10/12-hour on/off timer #ad

The most special feature is the default 24/7 mode where the light automatically changes its colors and intensities to mimic the natural sunlight under the sun throughout the day. There’s a manual mode too, where you can choose the light colors you want and program the time the light to stay on either for 6, 10, or 12 hours.

Multi colors for choiceMulti colors for choice #ad

In addition, you can choose whether you only want white, red, blue, green, purple, orange, or cyan to stay on, or automatically set the light so that the seven colors change in a loop. You can also adjust the brightness manually between nine stages from 10% to 100%. However, the intensities of the color-changing loop can’t be adjusted.

With 817 Lumens and a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin, the Hygger 24/7 Aquarium LED light can provide the light requirements needed by all types of aquarium plants. The coloring rendering index of this light is 85% close to natural light so that it’s not too bright to stress your fish and plants. Keep in mind that this model comes with a clip-on bracket and is ideal for rimless tanks.

Innovate Flexible LED lamp with magnet fixing

As the name suggests, this aquarium lamp features a very innovative design that makes it suitable for tanks of different shapes. It features OSRAM Duris E5 Cool White LED that provides 100 Lumens and with a color temperature of up to 7000K, perfect for low-maintenance plants in small tanks up to 3 gallons in capacity.

Best for round or square aquariumsBest for round or square aquariums #ad

What makes this product unique is that it’s a flexible lamp that can bend at any angle. You can even bend it to accommodate the shape of your fishbowl. This lamp comes with a universal magnetic fixing that’s strong enough to hold the lamp in a glass up to 3/4″ thick.

If you’re keeping your Betta fish in a nano tank around 3 gallons in size, and if you’re looking for an efficient aquarium lamp with a minimalistic design, then this one is one of your best bets. It doesn’t come with a controller and is powered via the USB plug (adapter not included.) However, it is timer-ready and can be paired with a timer of your choice.

It may not be the most sophisticated aquarium light out there, but it should be strong enough to help easy plants such as pearl weed or java moss to thrive. Most importantly, it can provide enough brightness to keep your Betta fish happy and healthy and for you to perfectly see your fish’s amazing colors!

LED lamp with bamboo board for specially-shaped Betta tanks

Another aquarium LED lamp with a sleek, minimalist design on our list is this LED lamp with a bamboo board by Hiro Aquatics. At 18 inches tall, this lamp is ideal for nano Betta tanks. It’s also perfect for specially-shaped tanks, such as fish bowls and cylinder tanks.

Ideal for different shaped bowlsIdeal for different shaped bowls #ad

It features five LED bulbs and delivers a total of 450 Lumens and a color temperature of 6000 K. The LED bulbs are positioned in such a manner to disperse light within your Betta tank at maximum efficiency.

This lamp doesn’t let you adjust the intensity of the light, nor does it have any other color system besides. Nevertheless, as a full-spectrum light with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80%, this product is designed not only to promote the growth of your aquarium plants but also to help the true colors of your Betta fish to come out.

The lamp is attached to a 9 x 8.5-inch bamboo board. The bamboo board itself is waterproof and is strong and durable enough to accommodate tanks up to 9 gallons in capacity. As for the lamp, it features an adjustable swivel neck that can turn 360 degrees

Finnex Stingray LED Clip Light for low-tech Betta tanks

Most Betta tank setups don’t require complex lighting systems. That’s where the Finnex Stingray LED Clip Light comes in. It’s designed specifically for fishkeepers opting for lower-light multicolored aquarium LED lamps. Featuring twelve 7000 K daylight LEDs, three actinic blue LEDs, and three 620nm red LEDs, this lamp has the ability to make any nano or pico aquariums radiate with vibrant colors from plants and fish.

What you see is what you get with the Finnex Stingray LED Clip Light. It doesn’t come with any options for adjusting color settings or brightness, but it’s the perfect choice if you’re someone looking for an aquarium light that you can plug and leave, and yet, it will still get the job done. It features a gooseneck arm, which enables you to adjust the angle of the lamp up and down.

This lamp is designed for nano tanks, but the provision for the clip is wide enough to accommodate a thickness of up to 1.5 centimeters. Behind the clip assembly is where you’ll find the switch for powering the lamp on or off. This entire assembly is waterproof, so you won’t need to worry about getting it wet. Finally, the hood of the lamp is constructed using aluminum, ensuring a long life for this small yet efficient aquarium LED light.

Finnex FugeRay Planted+ LED clip light

Another aquarium LED light we have from Finnex is the Finnex FugeRay. If you’re looking for a lighting system for a nano Betta tank, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s a super bright LED light that features 16 660nm red, 28 white, and four blue LEDs evenly spaced to provide efficient lighting for low-maintenance aquariums. The LEDs are arranged in such a way to provide a 120-degree light spread, making sure every corner of your tank receives adequate lighting.

Finnex FugeRay Planted+ clip lightFinnex FugeRay Planted+ clip light #ad

The color temperature for the white LED is 7000 K, which is the optimal spectrum for the growth of your aquarium plants. This hits the spot just right and makes the colors of your Betta and plants really pop. This model comes with a three-position manual switch that lets you select between three modes: full light, blue LEDs only, and power off.

This is a clip-on light that works best for tanks between 5 and 10 gallons in capacity. The gooseneck is adjustable, but it’s super sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about it bending on the weight of the 10-inch lamp. Overall, this is a great aquarium light for a Betta tank that will get the job done.

For strengthening the durability and endurance limit of the LEDs, it uses high-quality aluminum circuit boards. It also gives prominence to its moisture-resistant PC splash guard to safeguard itself from any hazards that might occur from the aquarium water. The LEDs can withstand 40,000 plus hours without any damage, fault, and disturbance.

COODIA Aquarium Hood Light with remote control

If you’re looking for a cut-rate lighting option for your Betta tank, this hood light from COODIA might be the one for you. This is an RGB+W aquarium light designed for aquariums up to 10 gallons in capacity. It’s an excellent choice for any planted tank as its white light provides a color temperature of 7500 K, which allows you to see the true colors of your aquarium inhabitants and ensures the proper growth of your plants.

Multi-color optionsMulti-color options #ad

This is a very versatile hood light with a 2.4G remote capability, allowing you to change lighting modes from afar. Through the remote, you can choose from a total of 16 color options, from red, blue, white, green, and so on. You can also dim the lights via the remote control. There is also a flashing mode, strobe mode, and fade mode, in case you prefer to have the lights change colors for a fun effect. Just be careful when using strobe lights on fish, as a study has shown that it can stress them out.

This product doesn’t come with a timer, which means you’ll have to buy one separately. The shade for the light is made of aluminum, so you can expect it to last a long time. The lamp itself is only 12 inches long, but with the adjustable bracket, this light will fit aquariums up to 19.5 inches in length.

What is the best light schedule for Betta fish?

Betta-fish-tank-lightBetta fish hides under aquarium plants

Bettas hail from tropical Asian regions, which means they receive a good amount of sunlight every day. Even in rainy seasons, regions where you will find these beautiful fish get an average of 10-12 hours of sunlight.

When keeping Bettas as pets, you would want to provide them with this amount of light too. They can do well between 8 and 12 hours of light. Give them more than that, and they may become overly stimulated and may weaken due to stress.

A good way to keep your Bettas happy and healthy is to either add plants or decorations inside the tank that will help mimic their natural habitat. This way, even if you choose to keep the lights on for 12 hours for high-maintenance plants, your Bettas will be okay as they have enough shade and places to hide, away from direct light.

As for the lighting schedule, it’s good to mimic sunrise and sunset times. This shouldn’t be a problem since most aquarium lights today come with such a feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Betta fish need a light?

Bettas do need aquarium light. Not only does it help their beautiful colors to pop, but it also helps them maintain a regular day/night cycle. Most aquarium lights today can mimic how the sun’s intensity changes throughout the day. This will help your Betta follow a schedule where they can be active during the day and rest or sleep at night.

Should I turn my Betta fish tank light off at night?

You should. Bettas only need between 8 and 12 hours of light. Once you turn off the light at night, you will notice them become less active. That is because, like other fish, Bettas do sleep and will benefit from the dark to be able to rest well.

Do Betta fish need darkness to sleep?

Not necessarily. Bettas have unique personalities. You will find some to be hyperactive while others tend to be shy and less energetic. Even healthy Bettas would spend a few minutes during the day to lay on a leaf or hide behind an aquarium decor or hardscape to rest or take a nap. However, as mentioned, they do benefit from the darkness and will be able to sleep properly when the lights are turned off.

Does too bright a light stress Betta fish?

Too much brightness is not good for Betta fish, just as it is not good for any type of fish or animal for that matter. When the aquarium light is too bright, it can cause an excessive algae breakout, harmful to both fish and plants.

Too bright a light can also overstimulate them. When they become too active due to constant bright light, they won’t be able to get enough rest, especially when there aren’t a lot of hiding places inside the tank. It could then stress them out and make them less immune to illness. Not to mention that some Bettas can be shy and will not come out if the aquarium light is too bright.

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